Who’s my audience?


If your reading this, you must be must be my audience. The idea of the contemporary audience is very different to the audience that came before them. In the internet age, audience is a very different beast to the one which read newspapers and watched TV. The Internet had given people a choice, and the paradox of choice is the problem of a contemporary, an audience which are given far too many choices, and are unable to be satisfied with the content they receive.  Couldry believes that these audience are ‘”diffused audience” who are permanently connected to one electronic medium (internet) across almost every activity of social and private life.’

This idea of the diffused audience is that audience is no longer situated at one place, they are everywhere. The clearest example of this is the use of the iPhone as a news receiving device, people can now be connected anywhere they want, and everywhere need to.  The problem with this diffused audience is that media has to come up with new ways to please the this new form of audience.  The idea of convergence comes up again, in which media are finding new ways for the audience to interact with the content. The “comment” function on most website is a prime example of such interaction between consumers and content producers. Youtube is also another example of this, with several millions of new videos posted each day, the line between consumers and producers are slowly but surely blurring. Further more, with blogs such as this, consumers now has the ability to be content producers themselves. The frequency of writing as also increased, as people want news and updates on the run and all the time, even though the quality of these writing has decreased as frequency goes up as a reading from a few weeks ago suggests.

Overall, the evolution of audience is continually evolving, prehaps in the future the boundary between consumer and producers will be gone when everyone can be an active consumer and active producer at the same time.


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