Where are these Networks?


Social networking I believe is one of the primary forms of networking methods that can be found on the internet. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the primary examples of such, even this blog has a certain a networking power.  According to Castells, “The ability of networks to introduce new actors and new contents in the process of social organization, with relative independence of the power centers, increased over time with technological change, and more precisely, with the evolution of communication technologies.”

I wish discuss the power of networking illustrated by Castell’s quote. In early 2008, social networking, working with the movie studio Warner Brothers created several alternate reality games in which you have to find the Joker in various cities in the United States, these events were all held, in order to promote the movie The Dark Knight. These websites were first discovered by fan film websites such as slashfilm.com, which then it’s readership, (mostly people from social networking sites) spread the news to their peers. It is this domino type of effect, along with vital marketing that hyped up the movie of The Dark Knight, which in turn became the highest grossing movie at the time.

Networks is a concept that is aided by the idea of convergence, without the convergence of different media technology, the networks of today would not be as strong and binding as they are now. Castells points out the concepts of the space of flows and timeless time, a point that, network is made up of different nodes, I believed powered by the convergence of networks in a timeless always ready to go medium.


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