Whats my identity?


The concept of identity is the way in which we classify and understand each other. The way in which this classification is done is usually limited to the individual’s physical traits. According to Simon During, ‘individuals have little power to choose what features will be used to identify them – these are determined socially, from the outside’ . Furthermore, an individual’s identity can also be ‘culturally inflected’. Cultural background can impact on the individuals identity, but once again it is usually determined by others rather than by the individual. It is due to such reasons that identity of an individual self is as During put it, ‘structurally loose’. I believe it is up to the individual to be identified with the identity society has given them.

For example, even though I am often identified as an Asian or a Chinese, I believe that I am a Australian with a Chinese background. In the internet age such as today, I believe that Identity is can also be self created, especially through the internet.  In the second reading, Herring describes how the idea of the Digital Youth is a ‘transitional generation, in which young internet users are characterized to varying degrees by a dual consciousness of both their own and adult perspectives.’ The point that our generation is one of uncertainty, is very debatable I believe.  As if you look back at history and look at the different ways in which new technology has consumed domestic life (such as TV,  or even further back radio) the effects would be quite the same, a generation lost in a new technology, before growing up and changing and evolving that technology into a newer age. (E.g Radio into black and white TV -> black and white TV into colour TV into cable networks) Internet, and mobile phones are the technology of our generation, what type of technology we can make of them in the future is one of a mystery, but it is a future I would sure like to see.


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