The idea of semiotic is the idea that in our communication system, there is a method in which what we communicate can be understood by the other party. In literature, this meth of reading is called structuralism. Structuralism is the approach which attempts to analyse a specific field as a complex system of interrelated parts. It was started in Linguistics and became a literary theory, has been modified and applied to other fields such as media.  It is the study of the language in the most board sense. As not only language of speech and writing, but all linguistic signs (all conventions and codes of communication; smoke, fire, traffic lights, body language, clothes, status symbols, etc.) which humans communicate information to one another.

All linguistic signs can be broken down to the system of signs.

Signifier: the sound pattern of a word, the physical form of speech

Signified: the concept or meaning of the word.

“Signification like all signs are arbitrary without them we cannot apprehend reality.”

Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure, father of Structuralism. Course in General Linguistics, written by Saussure’s colleagues after his death and based on student notes. It started as the study of linguistics

Concepts he raised:

The distinction between the study of langue and parole.

Langue: Reps a language as a whole (English, German, French)

Parole: Reps utterance (how individual units of langue is used.)

Distinction between Signifier and Signified.

This concept is applicable in media as is influence the core structure of how things are read.  In Lury’s reading about Logo, he stresses the significance of how companies uses logo branding through the idea of semiotic to allow their targeted audience to recognise and remember their brand logo. He calls Logos as examples of “legi-signs or symbols” For example, the Apple used in Apple computers is a simple but effective design which draws on the fast that apple is the most common and most recognisable fruit. Apple is also associated with the English language, in that A is for Apple. Finally the simple cut out design allows the consumer to easily recognise and remember the apple logo in their minds very easily.


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