Let’s all converge!


I found Nightengale’s reading pretty interesting this week actually, I felt it was very relevant to the concept of convergence. The very idea of ‘internetisation-mediatisation’ is very interesting as new technologies such as newspapers and magazines are trying to change it’s form to try to stand its ground against the technology of the World Wide Web. With analogue technology dyeing in a digital world, these old tech are changing, adapting, converging with the new technologies. Media spaces are created in this process.

Nightengale notes that business has to go through a process of disintermediation, in which traditional business  “offers a lower cost version of the product or serivce. This is a different value proposition and not necessarily a superior one.” Here, I wish to draw upon the example of the Apple’s iTune,  which effectively cut the middle man out, becoming more and more successful in the world of the internet age, when real music stores sales are declining year by year.

There is also a enhancement trend, like such shows such as Big Brothers and Australian Idol, here these reality TV shows tires to integrate user participation in order to bring broadcasting into the internet age. I believe while this was effective at first, it’s becoming rather mundane, as these shows offer nothing new, rather it offers the illusion that you are in control, even though you’re really not.

These are just the several examples in which how media are converging.


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