basically i do agree with the point network is quite an essential need of the today’s world. since the world now is no longer apart but together, the word globalization is raised, the connection between, the network, is important.

castells’s reading was quite complicated at first, which i dont really understand why those physical and technical explanation of the network is needed. anyway, i like the line which it said” the network is a pattern that is common to all life. wherever we see life, we see networks.” its true, everything we come across everyday is sort of networks. for example the transportation network. the technology improves our network everyday, like the article meant to say today we rely quite so much in the technology to keep our network going in nowadays. i rely on it too as computer takes a huge part of my daily usage. what i see the most is the communication network. since everyday i use the internet so much, i can see different networks filled with knowledge and information transfer. however what i use the most is to communicate with the others. msn and facebook, which i use most of the time, build up the network of communication for me to anyone else in the world.without it, i would feel so disconnected to the world.

rizzo’s reading was about some sort of the routine of the media, and the flow of it. yeah it is true that my life routine is somehow base on the tv program, like what we talked about in the dailiness week. but it was in before. the reading was talking about the new technology such as youtube or the new self schedule tv channel changed the culture, the routine of life. now we are no longer stick to the timetable of the tv program but we can watch whatever program whenever we want. i actually like the way it is now, since i can gain more freedom from it, and i can schedule my day easier. if i have to go back to the old life, i think i would be like in a mess for example the break between shows is not enough for me to do something else, orever whenever i missed one show, i would be pissed.


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