this week’s readings were quite interesting i think. since identity is something that we could not live without, identity come along to our live ever since we were born, it is something that very related to our live.

the first reading from During was talking about some sort of the formation of identities, how identities are made of, and the politics of dealing with identities. it said the society is so connected to one’s identities, because identity is somehow the way we classify people in order to make up the structure of a society. a society need different type of people in order to run smoothly and build up a strong structure. a single person can have many different identities. for example I can be someone’s son, one’s friend, with nationality such as Australian, job such as teacher…etc. with all these identities make the world.

the second reading from Hearn is an interesting one, talking about how to promote ourselves, to have ourselves branded. although identity is often given by the others because how the others see you become your own identity. the reading then is mentioned that we can promote ourselves and be branded so to lead us to some particular identities. the example given and also what I immediately think of was the usage of facebook. we listed everything we like, things we hate, puting up photos to show how we are. all the information became like the promotion details. therefore the others know and give me the identities such as im a happy person, im someone who loves music, i am a uni student…etc. we are then, branded, eg:” oh this person is cool”

the third reading from herring was talking about mostly one identity, which is the internet generation. it mentioned that nowadays teenagers are quite addicted into using the digital media, hence identities were seldom made in the physical real world but the virtual world. although it is easy to have many different identities in the virtual world, most of them are fake or just some sort of imagination.

identities to me can sometimes be very clear but sometimes blur too. im kind of like the teenager in the third reading which i can get so many identities from the virtual world. it is sometimes hard to determine which identities are the real me or not. anyways it is always better to have identities than none, at least i know i am “somebody”, not “nobody” in one’s view.


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