this week’s reading give lots and lots and lots and detailed information about research interviewing and how to write a nice qualitative research report.

Weerakkody’s was talking about the interview. first the article mentioned that there are three types of interview. they are structured, which same set of questions, same wording and same order will be asked; unstructured, which is free to ask whatever and whenever the researcher wants; and the last one semi-structured, which is same as structured but still can add something else freely like unstructured does. & so on it listed all the pros & cons of 3 types of interviews. in addition, semi-structured and unstructured are more likely to be used for writing a qualitative research as they contains respondents’ point of view.

after that it mentioned about the 3 types of questions, which are descriptive, a very general question; structural, with a bit of guideline; and contrast, doing comparison.

at the end it mentioned about the elements in a interview process. there are actually 14 elements & im amazed.

Liamputtong’s was talking about how to write a qualitative report. the general idea of a qualitative report is it more in depth, providing a very detailed information. it needs to be convincing, structured, straight forward and understandable. moreover in a qualitative report it tends to be writing in first person. and it is important to choose the type of audience before writing it.

these are very useful in writing the report which we are going to do. im glad that the 2 readings were very detailed.


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