before the lecture and reading the readings i wouldnt know there is a big theory between word, symbol and the meaning, picture. anyway, the article Signs and Meaning is mainly talking about 2 approaches from 2 different person of the way of interpreting linguistics, the signs and the meanings.

first it mentioned in the beginning that how people would universally think of a same meaning or same picture when they come across a same word. it is not 100% true but anyway, the authors then brought up two ways of explaining the semiotics.

first a person named Saussure divided the linguistic sign into 3 aspects. it needs both a “signifier”, which is the physical word or sound, and a “signified”, which is the idea, in order to combine and become the third and final product, the actual “sign”. yeah i agree with that & sure a single word would be meaningless without an idea. however they then argued that a single word would come out with different ideas so it might be hard to define. therefore another person named Volosinov came out with some other corrections and statements saying that signs are adaptable and changeable, signs have their histories and the same sign will represent different things in different contexts. so it is like backing up Saussure’s words.

at the end the article mentioned a little conflict of the choice of word, settled  and invaded. a newspaper article used the word invaded instead of settled when talking about the history. the conflict is that the word “invade” tends to lead to a thinking of a more aggressive way than “settle”, which is a more user friendly word.

to me what the texts have linked to me is when i come across the situations of misunderstanding what someone says to me or someone misunderstands mine since a single word may have different meanings. it is really important to consider all the other factors such as the tone, the context, the situation and the environment. it is because a true sign, word, like what saussure and volosinov says, is a combination of many things. moreover it is important to choose the right word as words can be sometimes misleading and confusing. we have to make sure that the one who is listening, reading or absorbing would be able to get what exactly the of what the presenters want to present.


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