i had difficulties in reading this week’s articles. i still do not really get the main point even after reading others’ blogs.

anyways, in couldry’s article i think the main point is about due to the technology improvement or changes in time and culture, audience of media become something more. they are no longer just “simply or the original audience” but well they changed in some aspects such as they are now interfering  or emerging in the production. i think this is why couldry named it as diffused audience. they just spread out slowly, from a single point to everywhere else. in the article, it mentioned about reality tv, which i think is a really good example of audience becoming part of the production. as audience spent their whole life staring at the tv screen but now finally get the chance being up there. being part of the show. however i think an example of audience being part of the production, which is a bit more up to date to the world now, is the audience in youtube. video bloggers, as we know, make videos in order to share their feelings. unlike what we are doing right here right now, which maybe soon become out of fashion, share our feelings just typing in words in this blog, there is now another way. moreover, in youtube audience can make video response. audience can instantly become the role of producer from just audience. they could talk about anything like ‘ i like it very much!’ ‘i hate it!’ ‘i agree/disagree’. in youtube, you can record whatever you want, how and whenever you want it to be. no more such thing like buy a share & make yourself a way into a film appearance. i had one example that a girl in sydney making her own show or video channel in youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/communitychannel . i think it is a good real life example of how an audience became part of the production.

the second article, which is by haddon, i think it talks about the changes in media and at the same time, how the audience, or user, react to it. like people’s preference changed from landline phone to mobile phone, and then to texting and the internet. the reasons of why they change their choices may be due to the price, a better deal, or the more convenience they get.


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