Week 8 Networking


I definitely had to push through the first article by Manuel Castells. What he was saying was interesting, however he could have said this theories is a much less convoluted manner. He starts by discussing what a network is, and he sounds like a mix between a scientist and a philosopher. The network is the unit that is made up for little pieces of the unit that he calls nodes. I agree with him that networking comes natural human behavior. Everything is made up of smaller pieces that create the whole, the big picture. He talks about the power center of the network being knowledge, because knowledge brings power, however knowledge is relative. Something that I know and proves useful to me in America, could serve to purpose for me in say Japan. The advancements in communication technologies have strengthened networks. The mobility has now made communication easier, faster, and more flexible. I like when he says that the lines between human life and machine life have blurred, because it is extremely true. I can stay connected socially, academically, and economically all without leaving my computer. I can talk to my mother while researching for a paper all at the same time. Castell uses this information to describe the culture of the network society. He describes the network society as a culture of protocols of communication that humans use to stay connected with different cultures. The cultures might not have shared values, but the do have the need for communication in common. It allows people all over the world to give and receive information with others.

The second article was absolutely more my speed. I enjoy reading about case studies because they help me to understand the arguments better. I also liked reading about youtube and tivo because these are actually things that I use. It is about how the consumer is now in control opposed to the broadcaster. I remember when I was younger if I wanted to watch a show I would have to sit down in front of the television at that exact time, or record it on a VHS. Now, it really doesn’t matter if you miss a show or a song on the radio because you can use Tivo to record it and watch it later, or you can go on to youtube and watch it whenever. We have a TV in our house, but it is broken and will not even turn on, however my roommate and I are able to watch a television show called Glee every week online, and it is free. The freedom of recorded television and the accessibility on online resources gives the consumer choices. I can choose when, where, and how I want to watch a movie or listen to a song. Back in America was have a website called Pandora. I miss this site so much because it is constant free radio. You type in a genre or an artist and it is a constant playlist of song by that said artist or artists like him/her. I find it interesting that all off these technological advancements have been in our lifetime, now I don’t know what I would do without Tivo or youtube, I mean I even miss Pandora.


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