Media Audiences


Couldry’s article “media audiences” describes how media audiences are evolving through technology and “social” platforms. What I took from the article is that nowadays the audience plays a far more active role than it has in the past. With shows like Big Brother, Australian Idol, Master Chef (and the list goes on…. ),the audience has the ability to shape the fate of the contestants and the media content to an extent. The audience is empowered with the ability to dictate who they want to watch and control their preferred entrainment through these contestants of reality T.V. Given the fact that these reality T.V. shows are now slowly dwindling, the question here is, what kind of role will the audience play now?

Haddon’s article “research questions for the evolving communications landscape” details how there are endless possibilities for mobile communication. Haddon asks the question “when we use one medium, what implications has that of the use of another?”, which is an interesting concept to explore. With the recent phenomenon of the iphone people have the ability to use this device as a means of communication, entertainment, business and leisure. Here is this one device that is the gateway to the modern world. The traditional household phone line days are gone where you would have to stand in one spot of the house connected through wire where everyone had access to hear your conversation. With the modern luxury of the iphone a new culture has evolved where we can engage in texting, emailing and talking all in one space.


One Response to “Media Audiences”

  1. sleung17 Says:

    Although I myself haven’t really engaged in ‘voting’ for my favourite contestant in the prescribed shows listed above, I think the concept of allowing audiences to indulge in such oppurtunities gives them an oppurtunity to participate with the show instead of just sitting back on the couch in front of the television. It brings the sense of ‘togetherness’ that some televised shows cannot do.

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