In this week, both text was talking about how the mobile media impacts our everyday life.

Volker’s text was talking about the mobile media technologies had given us the different usage and created us different types of space. It was well explained in how the Volker classify the different space. The digital, virtual space in particular, was created by this technology. However it gives something more than convenience and it is the digital, virtual space had disengaged us from the reality. face to face contact is missing out. How the physical connection between people is breaking down.

Ito’s text was mainly focus on one mobile media, which is the mobile phone, and its usage in Japan. I am quite interested in this one as it is like talking about me as I use my mobile almost in the same way. It talks about how teenagers’ lifestyle and text message is related. Teenagers in Japan use their mobile phone to text each almost every moment, every day. They text classmate even they are in the same classroom while in class, sharing their views of the teaching and organising after school plans. They use mobile phone at home also as they hate the home landline which there is only one landline in each home since the cost of landline is expensive and the parents interferences of using the landline. They enjoy communicate with the lightweight messages. Also they enjoy the freedom of mobility and privacy given by the mobile phone.

I never thought there are many negative impacts with the mobile media. Since i never feel I’m addicted in using it but I just love the convenience that being given. I agree that the mobile media is disengaging the physical life between people. Even my mother is falling for this technology. Before she used to knock on my door and like telling me stuff or just calling me out for dinner or whatever. She is now rather texting me because she says she is lazy getting out of her room. She would send me messages like ” dont stay up too late son”” hey we are going out for dinner tomorrow”. It is funny that sometimes our identities are somehow like switched. I become the one who is complaining that we should talk face to face rather than using the text message. i yelled” I AM YOUR SON, not just somebody”. However i think that the mobile technology may not do well in a family but it may do well in building friendship. For example it solve the space and distance problem, help avoiding the awkward moments and on the other hand keep the conversation going.


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One Response to “WEEK6: MOBILITY”

  1. sleung17 Says:

    The liberation and freedom the mobile phone offers to the user, is indeed something we take for granted. Especially as Ito points out, in the boundaries of the family home when sharing a landline phone is too difficult. But do you think that too much liberation is good? Are we now, too detached from our social life?

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