To me this concept of doubling of space is making sense. Like I agree with everyone and also the writers of the readings that how tv, internet and mobile phone have given us the doubling of space and identities. However something did pop up from my mind while I was reading the text. As technology has given the power that we can exist in both space such as what it said on the text ‘on the train & on the phone’ or even multi spaces, can we say that the technology has combined all the spaces into 1? Like as a whole?

How do u count space anyway? There are actually too many ways to count space. Like a seat is a space, or the whole room is a space, or even the whole building we can count it as one space. If it is what the writers are trying to say the technology has doubled our space of existence, I would rather say it in this way, the technology has expended and combined our own space. So that is why we would care about Diana’s death as the broadcast media has expended our own space and combine it into the whole community. Also about that “cell phone” incident, it combined every single space on the train plus the one on the other side of the phone into one huge space, which it leaded everyone into the “phone space” of that lady.

The only real doubling of space to me only represent as having the virtual world and the reality. Im a bit confused with what im thinking too but what I am trying to say is the doubling of space come with doubling of identities. Im not talking about identities like we are both students and sons/daughters which they are both in the reality, but one in the real world and one in the virtual world. In the virtual world we can actually be whatever we want. Since the new technology, internet, has given us new identities in the virtual world, we can now exist in both space at the same time in our life. This is how I think about how the technology giving us the doubling of space.

Im sorry if you guys find it hard to understand what im trying to say. That’s just what come up in mind so if it doesn’t sounds right, just ignore it. Im confused too.


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2 Responses to “WEEK4: SPACE”

  1. Wil Says:

    Yea, like you I found this concept of tech doubling space a bit far fetched. Although what his argument is valid. I feel that modern examples online role playing games are better example, and like you suggested they not only double ‘space’ by identity as well. Maybe that should have been the focus of his argument, the idea that technology, modern technology doubles up identity more so then it double up space. He illustrated an example of this himself, that we play multiple roles during are everyday real life, “waking up as a lover, making breakfast as a mother…”

  2. marianarodriguezvalenzuela Says:

    Good to see that you are creating discussions and engaging with other students’ comments. However, you must discuss the theory more in depth in order to demostrate your understanding (in your own words and quoting). It is not enough to dissagree and criticize the writers, you must back up your arguments with theory and explain concepts in depth (for example, care structures, domestication). Also, is not enough to repeat examples given by authors. think pass the obvious and discuss in depth. well done thou!

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