I enjoyed reading Shaun Moore’s “The Doubling of Space”, not only because it was short, but also because I found the three different media accounts interesting. Now a day the media is found in many different forms all in which have affected our views of time- space arrangements social relationships. Moore’s talks about how with the media we can now be in two places at once. This is absolutely true, I can be in class physically but I can be hanging out on facebook with my friends virtually. Moore addresses this with his exam of the Internet and online chat rooms. Lori Kendall talks about the ability to have more then one identity with the Internet. This is something about being online that has always made me uncomfortable, and why I steer clear of meeting new people online. She talks about how the obese can be slender, the nerdy can be tough, and the shy can be outgoing. I think that on-line dating is the weirdest thing to come out of our generation.
Moore also used television to talk about social relationships. The case he used was the death of Princess Diana, and how huge amounts of people tuned in to grieve and watch her funeral, most that have never met her. He talks about celebrities, and a celebrity’s “will to ordinariness”. Princess Diana was high on the social latter, but her will to ordinariness and her consistency in the media allowed people to feel as though they knew her personally, and therefore it was acceptable to grieve her death. The same thing recently with Michael Jackson, people grew up listening to his music, and when he passed away huge amount of people were deeply affected.
The case with the cell phone made me laugh. It talked about the two “there’s” the physical place in which your body is and the conversation where your mind is when using a mobile telephone. I had a professor in college that was absolutely outraged by the amount of students walking around on their cell phones. He would talk about how he didn’t need to know who made out with who last Friday, and how some students were so distracted from text messaging the would walk into oncoming traffic. It is very true, students now a day walk with their eyes glued to their phones and even drive while one it. It seems dangerous for them and for those around them. I think the ability of being in two places at once has its pros and cons. Our generation understands it better, but it is funny to watch our parents use the Internet, text messaging, and video chatting. I have found that some adults are confused but embrace the technology and some are confused and shun it.


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