Double Space and MyFace


Everyone’s been saying that this week’s reading has been a much easier read. Maybe it isn’t easier, but we’re just getting better at it haha.

This week’s reading focused on the idea that our use of media ‘doubles’ up space. Moore illustrates this idea through the technology of TV, internet and telephones. Moore made references to Scannell’s writing on Dailiness, pointing out that a media event like Princess Diana’s death not only disrupts daily routine  but it also doubles up space, as watching the event occur on TV occur “not only at the place itself, but it’s also said to occur in the place of the viewing.”  I found it interesting how Moore describes the event occurring at home being a ‘symbolic centre’ a ‘ceremony is created to encapsulate the experience of ‘not being there.’ I think the only time when we had a family gathering in the same vein is when we watched the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games.  I guess it is the family gathering itself that selves as this doubling of space, in the sense we were there without being there.

Moore also points out how celebrity have a “will to ordinariness” which if we take up “mediated relationships” we grieve when they die. Here I draw the connection with the death of Health Ledger and the subsequent release of The Dark Knight. Regardless or not his death was in any way connected to his role as the Joker, this myth was played an influential role, and perhaps many who saw The Dark Knight was in a sense paying tribute to Ledger by simply seeing the role that may or may not have taken him… back to doubling of space

Moore other example was on the use of telephone creating a doubling of space, not only you are physically present on your end, you are always present on the other end as you are able to hear the ‘environment’ on the other end. While I thought this was a little far-fetched, I thought the use of online webcam chat would work on an even further level. Not only you can hear what’s going on the other end, but you could also see it!

Moore final example was the internet, the idea that we assume an online identity and forums and online chat room, and it is our online interaction with other on this space and the our offline interaction with real space that creates this double space. I believe present example such as Second Life and World of Warcaft, both massively multiplayer online games, defines the dentition between real space and online space further. A Game like the Sims similarly doubling up space, or another life.

Hay’s article illustrates the idea of the doubling of space through the medium of social networking site MySpace. He draws parallels of the various social aspect of my space to the various aspect of real life. For example, being an active member on MySpace can function itself like being an active citizen in real life. One can pretty much substitute Facebook in place of My Space in this article, as social network tend to function the same way. I found this article to be an interesting discourse on the subtext in which the way social network functions.


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