Both texts are quite interesting. Scannell’s is about how the media such as the programs from tv and radio became our daily life routine or another word daily schedule. Hartley’s is about the public writings (or the news) change in time in terms of it speed, frequency and wavelength.

I am a bit more interested in Scannell’s ‘Dailiness’ maybe it is because it gives me a bigger impact due to the content is about the daily life, which i experienced more in it. There were questions asked ‘would time feel different for us without radio, television and newspapers? Would it run to a different rhythm? Would it have the edge that it has today?’ I will certainly say yes. Somehow television to me isn’t just a television but like a special kind of clock, that control my life. You know when you are so familiar with the tv schedule, when a certain program started, you would tell yourself, “oh, it is time for me to xxx” like to my own experience, if I know the evening news on channel 10 is up, I would say “it is time to cook”, so that I could enjoy my dinner with the Simpsons , the fatties or Australian dancers. Moreover, my life would be changed if the program schedule changed. To me, the lazy kind of person, I always start my work when the tv is playing something that I am not interested in, ‘cause I would never give up watching something good. Let say if I used to start working at 8 and there is a new interesting drama replacing the old boring program. I would say” ok, I will work later”, because I don’t want to miss the show.
When would I then experience the lost of rhythm? I would say when I am on vacation. There is than an excuse for me not to deal with the tv anymore ‘cause I am busy with going out playing or sightseeing or whatever. By then my schedule of life would be different. E.g. the time of having meals would change. The time of taking my shower would change. Or even the time of going to bed would change, as my life is not bounded by the television program anymore.
However I don’t think I will be staying this way forever anyway as everything would change. Like from the reading says through all these years the programs would change for example by seasons; or due to people’s preferences there are more soap operas & sports on tv. And I have no idea if one day I would start watching those programs from internet and then abandon my old tv.


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