Week 2 Reading: Domestication


Hi all.

After reading Silverstone’s view regarding domestication it would be difficult to argue that there has not been a fusion of technology and media into our everyday lives. Walk into any household today and you will be greeted by a bevy of electronic devices. From desktops to laptops, plasma and LCD’s, Blackberrys and iPhones, Hi-Fi’s and Wi-Fi’s, it seems there are a litany of devices to “connect” or “be connected.” Whether it is Facebook or Myspace, Foxtel or free-to-air, blogs or “Tweets”, SHM online or the embarrassing indulgence of the Daily Telegraphy’s Sydney Confidential, there is no question we are more connected today then we have been for centuries. Some may argue these devices and this technology lead us to live lives in a kind of “virtual cocoon.” Yet I tend to see this in a slightly different light. Yes, by definition this world may be defined as virtual, but these virtual worlds are at the same time creating real virtual communities, which by very nature are being intertwined by our every day lives. Sit in any lecture hall at UNSW and look at the person in front of you, or beside you, and the evidence is clear. What you may find, despite how interesting the lecture of the day is, people cannot help but sit with their electronic devices checking their email, profile or favorite websites. Technology has become an almost essential and ingrained part of lives and with it become part of our social fabric.

Silverstone argues that domestication has invaded the household consuming the social space, with this concept in mind, an interesting point of analysis may be: With people so openly flaunting their digital lives, does a private space actually exist?


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