This weeks readings focused on the domestication of technology in the world today. The integration into everyday human life is widely debated. The authors of our readings discussed the pros and cons of societies dependency on technology in two different ways, however still managing to express the same points. The modernized world lives through technology, whether it be television, Internet, or telephone, it is no longer a pleasantry, it a necessity.
Silverstone talked about technology breaking down boundaries, allowing for communication, connectivity, and shrinking distances. I am a study abroad student and my family resides in Massachusetts, USA. When I can send my parents an email in seconds, or video chat with them, it allows me to feel a bit of home. They feel as if they are down the road instead of across the world. Technology allows people to stay connected if not to other people to the world around them, through current events and news. Silverstone also talked about how technology is breaking down the household. I could email and video chat my mother everyday, but it still would never feel the same as being with her, hugging her, and talking to her face to face. Machines bring about coldness to the household, a less personal and more robotic change in relationships.
Silverstone and Michael talked about the loss of privacy and intimacy. What even is privacy anymore? Everyone on facebook and twitter can see what I did over the weekend, where I am vacationing, who I am in a relationship with. People have online journals and diaries. Tabloids follow celebrities around documenting their every move. Matters that otherwise would have been personal are made public through media. Even though I’m saying that privacy is lost due to media, it is now habit for me to open facebook within 3 minutes of sitting at my computer. Technology is an addiction and the entire world is hooked. It has become fused into our everyday live and we now need it to live.


3 Responses to “Domestication”

  1. durispoon Says:

    i challenge the point of “loss of privacy”. We do have our own privacy, however it is WE to choose updating our facebook & WE to choose what to be stated on the info page.

    i totally agree with “What even is privacy anymore?” and “it is now habit for me to open facebook within 3 minutes of sitting at my computer”. The whole concept is blurred. I dont even know why am i putting all those information of mine up to the internet. maybe its because everyone is doing the same thing……?

    • slevan Says:

      I agree with you, and I can’t help up think that my college facebook is going to come back to bite me in the ass when I am actually out in the real world working, it makes me nervous. However, I am still addicted to using it, communicating, seeing what others are up to.

  2. sleung17 Says:

    ‘Addiction’ – I agree with you on this point. I too am a bit of a FB addict and I find myself wanting to know what’s going on with the lives of other people. In a way our privacy is limited and what we don’t want others to know about eventually comes out in the open for instance, celebrity ‘nude’ shots being spread through the internet.

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