Week 2’s Readings: Domestication


*NB – Sorry guys my blog on this week’s readings is long – truthfully I have no idea what I’m writing and hopefully throughout the weeks it gets shorter! 


From my understanding of both readings (Silverstone and Michael), domestication outlines the consumption of the media in human life and the intervention of technology (how its negative implications poses to the human social life), particularly in the confines of the domestic household.  I found both readings at times a little bit convoluted and repetitive; nonetheless they did bring a number of crucial key issues to perspective.   


Silverstone particularly focused on domestication (in my opinion), as a potential household threat.  Arguing that domestication targeted the vulnerability of the household or as he better describes it as something human beings did to enhance and secure everyday life – I think he does bring forth truth in that element.  I think domestication these days does in some aspect influence and consume human social life particularly in behaviour, action and thoughts and the relationship between technology and human life is more intimate than what we would have anticipated.  The household as an example is consumed with technology and has become virtual hence instigating a virtual relationship with the outside world. 

In relation to this reading – Michael (2nd Reading) notes that humans are disembodied with technology or as he describes it disembodiment as a mode of luxuriance where the human will is attached to the world without the mediations of the body.  In truth we are pretty much in sync with our technology even to the point where our body acts accordingly with technology – the remote control is a perfect example.  I think that human reliance on technology these days is a little scary and there is a point to be made: maybe we should exercise a little more control over our use of technology as it puts a strain on our human life.  Our lack of human productivity in association with technology probably makes us less in touch with our human self and may impact on our health and well being.


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2 Responses to “Week 2’s Readings: Domestication”

  1. sleung17 Says:

    Sorry guys if it’s hard to read – the format at the bottom half of the post is squashed and enlarged – didn’t know how to correct it.

  2. durispoon Says:

    I always find it is contradictory when the society is always aim for technology improvement in order to gain the conveniences and unlimited power of doing everything, but the same problem of what you have said ” I think that human reliance on technology these days is a little scary.”

    People claimed that everyone should be self controlled so as trying not to be addicted to any of these technology. It sounds like a HUGE excuse to me of solving the addiction problem. like if we are actually that self controlled there will be no addiction.

    I sometimes wonder if this is the school education’s fault. Teachers used to ask students to read more books, go to the library, read the news paper………etc. However it is now like, ” If you dont understand such concept, google it.” Even our works now need to be done on the internet. We are educated to use the technology to solve problems.

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